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Slow Cooker Quorn, Veg & Bean Stew.

Hi guys, Wanted to share this recipe with you. We’re super pleased with how this has worked out and for the price and number of servings, you cannot beat it … Continue reading

02/04/2015 · 4 Comments

Day 1 of “3 for £3”

Hi All, A couple of posts ago, G and I decided to challenge ourselves to finding recipes that were under £1 a serving for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We spent … Continue reading

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One-Pan Couscous

Hi All, Dinner recipe this time. Surprisingly filling but can easily have salad added to it if needed. One-Pan Couscous Serves 4: 200g Quorn Chicken-Style Pieces 1 cube of Chicken … Continue reading

01/18/2015 · 7 Comments

Clean Pancakes

Hi all, I got the baking bug again today but instead of making up another large portion of fudge for G and I to blow our calories on (I still … Continue reading

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Prep Ahead Bagels

Hi all, G and I are currently overhauling our diets. We are increasing our exercise, adding fresh juice (yes, we have bought a juicer lol) and we’re trying to get … Continue reading

01/09/2015 · 1 Comment

Oh Fudge!

Hi guys, Hope you all had a very merry Christmas, and happy new year to you all in cyber-land 🙂 Christmas is sometimes a VERY expensive time for people, with gifts … Continue reading

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Cold-Beating Chicken Noodle Soup

Hi All, It’s winter so, as usual, I am struggling with a major cold. The joys of a immune system that is shot to hell. Sadly, G is also suffering … Continue reading

11/23/2014 · 1 Comment