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A not so crafty craft

I’m not a huge follower of fashion and definitely am not into my designer gear but I do love me some high heels. Unfortunately being 5ft 9″ and size 8 boat feet makes it very difficult to find decent shoes that fit. So when I do find a pair, regardless of how boring, I tend to dance a little jig of joy. It’s a very fun dance and is a cross between the birdy dance and YMCA with a bit of spice girls thrown in. You should try it some time 😉

Once the jig is done though, the reality of boring shoe syndrome sets in. I like bold colours and limited bling. So when I found a pot of bright red paint in my local Pound Store (Dollar Store for American readers) I was rather thrilled. It is very difficult to get anything quality in the way of…..well pretty much anything in the pound stores. I was sat watching Captain America and looking on pinterest (LOVE that site. Practically obsessed) and spied the paint and the shoes. Decided to essentially “Louboutin” up my shoes.



So those are the shoes PRE-paint. Very boring. Very….leopard print. I know it’s back “in” right now but I can’t help feeling like I’ve reverted back to being 12 every time I have an item of it on me. So 2 coats of red later, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

I used a couple of coats of super glue over the paint to make it a little more scuff resistant. Not the tidiest job in the world but makes them a lot less boring. Still need to work on what to do for the insoles. Maybe look for some comic fabric for them? If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know in the comments. All views welcome 🙂



Anyway, hope you like 🙂




2 comments on “A not so crafty craft

  1. Bethany

    You can get fat quarters in pretty much any pattern/design you can think of. They’re for quilting but tbh they’re an inexpensive way to get some fabric. Mum uses them for lining handmade bags.

    • nickyless

      Ooh! I have seen them at hobbycraft. May have to have a gander next time I’m at the fella’s x

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