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80s Make Up Times

Hi there all,

Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend 🙂

Saturday last week, I went out for my friend’s 26th birthday. She was going for the 80s themed and went for the full neon, whilst I went for the more Madonna look. We had a great laugh and many giggles with the inflatable guitars and other freebies, despite many a drunk moron trying to steal them.

I am a complete novice when it comes to make up as I very rarely wear it. When I do, it’s literally foundation, mascara and lipstick. I don’t “prime” or “set” my face (whatever that means lol!) and I never wear fake lashes etc. But I wanted to go full force for Bethany as we hadn’t seen each other in AGES and wanted her to really enjoy her 80s bash. I thought I would ask her to do my make up for me. Partly because I’m a complete freak when it comes to co-ordination and would probably poke my own eye out or glue my eyes shut, or something equally as stupid. But it’s mainly because my friend is a fabulous make up artist in training.

She gladly jumped at the chance and I have decided to attach the pictures below for your viewing pleasure.


If you want to check the other work she has done, and I would suggest it as she has done an INCREDIBLE wizard of Oz inspired eye shadow piece recently, then find her on http://lovepeaceandmakeup.net

Have at thee and have fun 🙂



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