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Charity Shop Treasures

I love charity shops. Not only do you potentially find some amazing purchases but you are also spending to help charity (extra win). In my local town we have at least 7 charity shops. This makes me a very happy bunny and allows me to while away my lunch hour looking for bargains. Often I will come away with, at most, a dvd but occasionally I will come across some lovely bits that I just had to have. It makes me feel like I’m looking for hidden treasure.

On wednesday, I did a circuit of the charity shops although only managed to make it to three before my lunch was up. However, I was very pleased with my “haul”.

The first shop was the PDSA shop. It’s the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals and focuses on helping sick animals and making sure they get the help they need: http://www.pdsa.org.uk. It’s a great charity.

My first find was books 2 and 3 from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy (Two Towers and Return of the King)


(yes that is my left knee in the ROTK pic lol!)

Each of these books cost me £1.99 which I don’t feel is too bad a price. I now just need to find Fellowship and I will have my collection 🙂
Books are a big deal for me. I do have a kindle but sometimes I just have to have the feel of the book in my hand. My mother is a librarian so it’s not really hard to see where my love of books comes from. Speaking of books, it brings me onto my next find.


Crime and Punishment is one of the classics that I have always wanted to read, but never got around to reading. At £1.99, I felt there was now no excuse to forget again 🙂

I really like finding jewellery that looks a bit different and that has different textures and interesting beads. It’s very rare to find something like that in a charity shop as they try and get things out that will appeal to the majority. Luckily, I was able to find two gorgeous pieces.


The rose pendant was £1.99 again and the bear tooth-coin collection was £1.49. I am not sure if I will keep them as the complete pieces yet or take them apart and refashion them into a slightly less “busy” collection. But that’s for a later date.

I then moved on to the British Heart Foundation shop. I know a number of people in both my friendship and family circles who have had issues around this, so it is a cause I am definitely behind. http://www.bhf.org.uk/

Here, it is more likely that I will find clothes and dvds than I will jewellery or interesting pots/vases etc. And it was here that I had the biggest part of my purchases.

You must forgive me here. My camera skills for clothes are not great and I was happier leaving them on the hanger rather than trying to take a pic of them on me lol!

This is actually a plum halterneck dress (not that I’ve managed to capture that well enough). It was originally from Monsoon but I got it for £10.99 which, considering a basic skirt at monsoon can start at £20, is a pretty good bargain.


This jumper is from Next and I got it for £3.50. Bit of a bargain and is perfect for work with a white shirt and a skirt or a pair of trousers.


This dress was originally from Jane Norman. I got it for £8.99. I will be adding a few straps to this dress as I’m not comfortable in strapless for fear of exposing certain areas lol!


This is a scoop neck shirt and has zips on either shoulder. It’s not often that I see a design like this and it intrigued me. I may refashion it into a one-shoulder top but that is left to be seen. I’m not sure where this was originally from although it does say it was made in Italy lol. If anyone knows or has an idea, please let me know. Anyway, I got it for £3.99, so it’s still a bargain price


We’re back to the “interesting” realms with this top. It’s originally from Matalan and I got it for £3.75. I have actually already rocked this one out down the shops in black leggings, black leather jacket, black derby hat and black pumps with a mustard yellow bag. Pretty “matchy” bit it worked for a dash round the shops lol!


This is going to be another favourite really. It’s a bat wing jumper with buttons on the shoulders and I can team this with jeans, long sleeved t-shirt and boots for an autumn outfit for walks around the local forest 🙂 Originally from Ethel Austin, it got this for £4.99.

So all told I spent £36.21 at the charity shops and have come home with a pretty good addition to the already over-crowdedness that is my wardrobe, bookshelf and jewellery box 🙂

Hope you have had a good weekend and please let me know of any other excellent charity shops I should check out 🙂

Cheers for now



2 comments on “Charity Shop Treasures

  1. outsideauthority

    I’ve hit a charity shop gold mine for books 10 mins from my work. I’ve started wondering if I’m buying all the books one donater has brought in and if we need to meet!

    • nickyless

      Ooh sounds like a very good story for a book in itself, to me 🙂 maybe ask the folks in the store, see if they can arrange a rendezvous 😉

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