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Handbags and gladrags

A little while ago, I was asked to make a colleague’s daughter’s 15th birthday cake. This gal is in love with fashion, anything pink and at the time she was in love with Paul Boutique bags. Naturally this lead to the creation of a pink handbag cake.

I had never made one before and started scouring youtube and other websites for tutorials on how to make it.

I decided to make three A4 sized sheet cakes for the body. For some bizarre reason I decided to make them stand up on their longest edges rather than stacking cake on top of each other. To this day, I still don’t know why I tried to do that. It worked! However, it was very very nerve wracking and I actually enlisted the help of my mother to hold the cakes in place whilst we transferred it to the fridge and secured it with cans either side to hold it upright.

The cake was orange flavoured madeira cake with chocolate buttercream in the middle and as the coating. Plain pink fondant over top and two individual sponge cakes formed the powder pads at the bottom.
 So this is the cake stuck to the board and covered in buttercream (always note, SIFT the cocoa powder first. I didn’t on this occasion. Oops)

 Cake covered in two layers of pink fondant.

Birthday girl didn’t like marzipan so I double iced. You need one layer to act as a barrier between your frosting and your fondant otherwise the moisture from the buttercream ruins the icing. So marzipan or layer of icing before the final layer of fondant.

 Thin, long sausages of fondant were used for the trim. I admit to not being the tidiest baker ever lol!

 Using a quilting tool to create the bag pattern on all surfaces
I added the zip, handles and little gold balls to look like rivets. I then made two lipsticks out of fondant. I did actually buy the little victoria sponge cakes that make the powder pads.

It went down a treat and the girl and her mother were so pleased with it. There were changes I would make if I was to do this again, but ultimately i’m very pleased with how it came out.
Hope you liked this

Cheers for now

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