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Nyssa’s Adventures In Book Cake Land

We have a Harry Potter/Drinking party coming up soon and I plan to make a spell book cake. Rather than find out I can’t make it on the day, I thought I would try out a trial cake to see how it goes, and if need be cheat and buy the cake tin.

I started off making a deep sheet cake in a roasting tin.

300g Self Raising flour
300g Butter
300g Caster Sugar
6 large eggs.
It cooked well and came out of the pan easily enough but turns out I underestimated how much mix I would need.
It’s not thick enough to cut into half lengthwise. to form the base and the top “pages” of the book. So I tried again.
  • 600g Self Raising Flour
  • 600g Butter
  • 600g Caster sugar
  • 12 Eggs.

Epic cake mix times.

Perfect depth though, and was exactly the right size I needed to do the cake. One problem. In true traditional rookie error, I didn’t lower the heat of the oven but remembered to cook the cake for longer. EEP! Cake on outside cooked more than cake in the very middle. Result? Burnt edge, SUPER SOGGY middle. I cannot begin to stress how soggy the middle was :S
 (see, sinks completely in the middle. Yuck!)

I had to come up with an emergency solution because I was damned if this cake was going to win lol. I decided to throw the deeper cake away completely. It was a write off. Instead I focused on the thinner cake and decided to cut it in half. I then smeared the lower half with some vanilla frosting in the middle and then flipped the other half over and placed it on top. Next I did a crumb coat with the vanilla frosting.

Rolling out three strips of white fondant, I then put them around the top, bottom and right hand sides of the cake. These formed the “pages”.

I then rolled out chocolate fondant to the same length as the cake, and a few centimetres wider than the cake. I cut it into a rectangle, placed this on the cake board (using a bit of frosting as glue) and placed the cake on top. I made sure to line the left hand side up so that there was 1cm – 2cm extra fondant to fold up what would become the “spine” of the book. It just meant that when I laid the top part of the fondant over the cake, it hid the join between the two pieces.

I rolled out the chocolate fondant to the same width as the cake and the spine together. The length was the same as the cake. I laid this over the cake (right side first, to bottom edge of spine) and carefully tucked it under the rounded edge of the spine that was against the cake board.

I didn’t end up doing a front cover, because by this time I was tired and achey and wanted some of my weekend to myself haha. I think I will definitely end up cheating a little and using the cake pan. But at least I know how to do a “book” cake for a stacked cake.
Hope you enjoyed my disaster weekend 🙂
Cheers for now,

2 comments on “Nyssa’s Adventures In Book Cake Land

  1. Jeyna Grace

    Good job! It’ll be fun to design a cover though 🙂

    • nickyless

      I definitely will do next time but by this time it was 1pm on Sunday and I was starting to wilt lol! I would love to do a Harry Potter or alice in wonderland cover 🙂

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