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Random Haul

Hi guys,

I did say I’d try to keep social commentary/political talk to a minimum,, so after my post on Child Beauty Pageants I thought I would do a “Haul” post. Just to lighten the mood šŸ™‚

In my work town, we have not only 7 charity shops but also a poundland. I practically live in there. I get all my pads of paper for my course there, my diaries, my snacks and my diet coke (NAUGHTY NYS, I know). I also love to peruse the beauty, holiday, cake and party aisles for any excellent deals for future plans.


After my experience with fake lashes for Bethany’s birthday, I thought I would purchase some of my own for future nights out. When I saw these, how could I resist bright purple, glittery lashes?! šŸ˜€ 2 pairs, avec glue for Ā£1? Bargain.


Different coloured pastel nails. Lovely work šŸ™‚


Ooh look! More pastel colours but slightly different lol


More eyelashes. Less flashy but cute none the less šŸ™‚


Concealer. Yes it’s cheap but it matches my skin tone (SO hard to find with my pale skin) and covers the baggies under my eyes nicely lol!


Best purchase šŸ™‚ a lovely witches hat šŸ™‚ goes perfectly with my purple eye lashes.


This would be the haul all together. Ā£6 for all? I don’t fault that at all. Of course, if I end up gluing my eyes together the first time I try and use these lashes on my own, I promise to post full pictures šŸ™‚

Cheers for now,




2 comments on “Random Haul

  1. Bethany

    Omg. Those lashes and nails. Need to go to poundland.

    Btw a great concealer (stfu Bethany nobody cares about your makeup tips!) is Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer. It’s got a pale skin tone, a yellow tone which helps with dark circles and a setting powder. I adore it. And it works with my tragically pale skin.

    • nickyless

      Will have to look at investing in that then šŸ™‚ insanely dark circles. Stupid late nights lol

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