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Liebster Award

So I’m new to blogging and all the hashtags involved. Actually, I’m completely oblivious really. But when my lovely friend, Bethany, over at Love, Peace and Make Up (lovepeaceandmakeup.net) tagged me and tasked me with some questions (resisting the urge to go all Wrath of Khan on you here), I thought I’d give it a go.

So *cracks knuckles* let’s begin.

1. How long have you been blogging?

Literally less than a month. Hence the complete lack of blogging knowledge.

2. Who is your inspiration?

For blogging/vlogging, I’d have to say Bethany, Ro Pansino (Nerdy Nummies on youtube), and Ali (Hyperbole and a half). Bethany got me into blogging. Ro got me into making nerdy cakes, although I was already making cakes anyway and Ali just makes me laugh.

3. What is your favourite quote?

“It is not a crime to be uninformed, nor is it a dishonour to ask advice, butit is unforgivable to choose ignorance”

I’m not sure who actually said it, but my parents have this in our hallway and I have loved it since I was a little girl. My other favourite is simply a brilliant quote from George Elliot
“It’s never too late to be who you might have been”

4. What is your best feature. 

Physically, probably my smile. Then again, I’m only going on other people’s comments and have no view of my own on that. Personality wise, I’d say my sense of humour. Again, I’m going on other people’s comments but I’m also of the view that I’m hilarious so I’m not gonna argue 🙂

5. Tell me something new you’ve discovered recently. Beauty or otherwise. 

A new different type of nail varnish remover. I thought I had bought a pot of instant removal pads. I hadn’t. What I HAD bought was a pot full of nail varnish remover soaked foam. There is a cross cut into the top and basically you put each finger into the foam and it cleans the nail. It’s bizarre but actually REALLY effective. I was impressed. And it only cost me a £1 which is a bargain.

6. Favourite accessory?

my sterling silver ring from Argos. £12.50 and I very rarely take it off. Also, my jammie dodger necklace lol!

7. Lips: gloss, stick, stain, balm or leave them be.

Balm for every day use. Stain for special. I tend to use nivea lip balm (poundland again lol!) and Maybelline Superstay 24Hr Lip Stain.

8. Beauty product you just can’t live without?

Umm…..tea tree face wash. I rarely wear make up on a day to day basis. Probably NEED to, but just too lazy to lol.

9. What did you want to be when you grew up?

From about the age of 10, after I saw Ally McBeal, I wanted to be a lawyer. Got a load of law books from the local library lol. Before that, I had a very 80s view of success. I had no idea what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted a large corner office with massive windows that overlooked either London or New York, I wanted to shout at people on a phone and slam it down on a regular basis and I wanted to have dinner parties with my chic friends and laugh over glasses of wine…..actually the dinner party thing hasn’t changed lol!

10. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Umm….I don’t think I have any. I have pleasures I should probably be guilty about, but I am unashamedly happy and open about them all lol. Disney films, dancing in the kitchen whilst cooking dinner or cakes, insane amounts of pinning on pinterest.

11. 11 random facts about yourself!

1. I speak predominately in movie/comedy quotes and actually gained most of my friends at uni by quoting the Mad Hatter in English Lit class.

2. I am terrified of birds, bugs (including spiders) and clowns.

3. In addition to wanting to be a lawyer when I was younger, I have also considered careers as a ballet dancer, a publisher, a forensic crime scene investigator, geneticist,  politician and an events planner.

4. I have a dressing up box that has 10 wigs. I also possess 18 hats….yep, I love me wigs and hats.

5. I am obsessed by all things Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

6. I also have a love of 1950s stuff and would love a kitchen like my grandmother’s. She dressed in 50s style clothes until she passed away in 1999.

7. I have the desire to learn an instrument but currently cannot decide between violin or guitar. (Biggest thing stopping me is not knowing how to attach headphones and link it to my laptop so I can avoid nuisance neighbour claims.

8. I worked, for a temporary contact, in the same ammunition factory that my grandfather did during in WW2 when he made Bren Guns. It is now a heritage and wildlife site and I worked there in that capacity.

9. I don’t celebrate any holidays. Not christmas, nor halloween. Not even my birthday. My family and OH are grateful and richer for it lol.

10. Reality TV bores the HELL out of me. I would rather read and listen to jazz.

11. I have the mental age of a 75 year old lol!

WOW! I am officially tapped out of things. These were TOUGH stuff. I drew a blank after 3, so apologies for the weird stuff that came out.

Still, I did it. I hope you liked it. And if someone could explain blogging to me, that would be great 😉


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