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Post ALL the cakes!

Hi guys,

Been busy with revision recently for an upcoming exam (oh joy!) so haven’t actually been doing much other than sleeping, working, revising and repeating.

With that in mind, I thought I would post an interim post. I have a lot of pictures of cakes I’ve made over the years that are not worthy of a tutorial etc, so enjoy the cake fail gallery 🙂
Image  Penguin cupcakes (doughnut holes on cake with chocolate frosting and fondant)Image My father’s birthday cake. He’s a big fan of cars.Image First trial of my giant cupcake pan with cupcake case made out of melted chocolate

Image Parents’ anniversary cake. First time making human models. Feel free to laugh 🙂

Image Cakes make for work.
Image My Alice in wonderland birthday cakes. First attempt and epic fail at topsy turvy cakes lolImage Last minute cakes for my mother to take into work for her birthday.

Image These were supposed to be pig cakes. They look more like pig/rabbit cross overs, so I called them my pibbits 🙂

Anywhos, hope you enjoyed laughing 🙂

Have a great day and see you on the other side of my exam 😦

Cheers for now



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