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The Good & The Bad of £1

Bargains are an excellent thing and I really like wandering around places like Savers, Poundland and Poundworld to see what goodies I can find.

More often than not, you’ll come across mediocre but useful items such as plastic glasses, pads of paper, cookie cutters etc. These are helpful for every day savings. Sometimes I come across things that are potentially genius but actually rubbish or potentially rubbish but actually genius. I thought I would review two of these products today.

My first purchase was Magnetic Nail Varnish. Sounds weird but looked pretty interesting. Basically, you put a base coat of the colour and let that dry. You then add a thicker coat of the colour over the top and hold a magnetic wand over the top and it creates a design on your nail. For someone who is cack-handed and not so great with intricate detail, this seemed a useful way to interesting nails.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES So this is the package. To the left, the little wand. To the right is the nail varnish.

I tried it on my thumb first of all, as it would be easier to do for me.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Didn’t work *too* bad but took a while holding the wand above the thumb. Trying to get it close enough without touching the varnish was an interesting game lol!

With the thumb completed and dry, I decided to try it on the other nails, to see what the completed effect looked like.

Before the wand attempt. (base coats)
After the wand attempt…….Not much of a difference and I actually held it over the nails for longer each time. Absolutely no difference.

Personally, I would never buy this product again. It’s a waste of a quid that could be spent on more plastic cups or cookie cutters. However, this rubbish product did give me the chance to use a simple yet life changing product 🙂

*Cue fanfare!!*


I thought I was quickly picking up a pot of the nail varnish remover pads on one of my dashes around Poundland whilst on a work break. Oh no dear reader, when I opened it up and inserted my fingers in an attempt to pluck out a pad back at the office, I found my fingers disappearing into foam. Simply put, there is a block of nail varnish remover soaked foam in the pot. There is a cross in the top. You insert a varnished finger and a twist the pot. Pull out the finger and ta-da! No more varnish.

I was wearing red nail varnish on the day of purchase. We all know how many pads of cotton wool it can take to clean each hand fully, and we all know how quickly our other hand can become tainted with the varnish as it soaks through. Ick. It took me literally 2 minutes to clean each hand (if that). There was not a spot of varnish left and there were no pads stinking out the bin. Just rinse hands and screw lid back in place 🙂

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Finger before nail varnish.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Finger with nail varnish (duh, kinda obvious I know lol)

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Finger after 4 twists of the pot (two left, two right).

And the best bit, is that you can re-fill the pot with nail varnish remover and keep going until you wear out the foam. £1 initial outlay and then £1 for the large bottles of remover to top it up. Definitely worth it in my books 🙂

Anyway guys, that’s all from me

If you have any recommendations for worth-while purchases or bum deals, let me know in the comments below.

Cheers for now,




2 comments on “The Good & The Bad of £1

  1. Bethany

    Don’t write magnetic varnish off completely. I have a couple from Avon that are fabulous.

    And you magnificent creature. That nail varnish remover is amaze. I tried it today! Absolutely love it! Never has it been so easy!!

    Best poundland bargains I’ve ever grabbed was actual OPI nail varnish. I have about 4 crackle coat OPI polishes from poundland. Looked them up, they’re still being sold for about £8-£10.

    • nickyless

      Oh I’m still intrigued by it, I just will not be buying that particular one again lol!

      Am so pleased you liked it 🙂 It’s a staple in my bag now lol

      Ooh, shall keep a beady eye out for those ones then 🙂

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