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Day of Fail

We all get those days where we feel everything is not quite going to plan and we can’t wait for the day to end.

Well yesterday, things were not just “not quite going to plan” but they were “Oh god! Oh god! Everything just stop falling apart!!!”

For everyone who is not part of the UK, let me start by saying we experienced a very strong storm on Sunday and into Monday with gale force winds. I understand that there are people from other countries who are sniggering at this bit and thinking “aww bless ya”. You guys are prepared for high levels of wind/snow/rain etc. We’re not. It confuses us and freaks us out. We are “meh” weather people.

Everyone kept referencing the storm of 1987 (see what I mean? Meh). Our property lost nothing during that storm other than a few panels from our conservatory. This time round we weren’t so lucky. We came downstairs and opened the front door just in time to see our 20ft Conifer tree uproot from the wind and fall across our drive and towards our neighbour’s house. Luckily it landed on our gatepost and rested there for a while. Cue a mad dash into the garage by all four of us to grab cutting equipment and attempt to stop any more damage. After 2 hours of attacking the tree, we managed to find a tree surgeon who could come out and cut it up properly.


When we started, the bit where the van is showing through, was completely covered by tree. I think we did pretty well before the Tree Surgeon rocked up.

On trying to make the guy a cup of tea however, we found that we had no water. Well the day was just getting better(!) We tried to phone the Water Company to find out our portable landline phones had decided to give up the ghost. Both handsets. Rage ensured. After digging out the old “chained to a desk” phone, we proceeded to phone the water company. They duly sent someone out to have a look but then told us it was our problem as it was on our property despite it being THEIR stopcock that was leaking (stop sniggering at the back there!). I had missed the bus by this point and had to walk to work whilst my father was left to continue the debate.

At work things weren’t much better. Systems were down, many a phone call and many a printer jamming. All typical office stuff but when you’ve had a hell of a day, they just add to the annoyance.

On returning home, the water was still not fixed and there were workmen digging up our road so we couldn’t get the car out, meaning that we had to walk to the nearest supermarket and lug a huge amount of bottled water home.

This means that my mother and I, who suffer from Fibromyalgia and Lupus, are now crippled and struggling to get through the day. When you cannot soak in a warm bath for your joints, it makes it 10 times harder.

Fingers crossed it will be fixed by the time I get home and we can enjoy our night out to the Reduced Shakespeare Company tonight without agro.

Oh well, on to another day.

Hope you are all ok and anyone from the UK has come out of the storm better than we did 🙂

Cheers for now,




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