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Reduced Shakespeare Company

Hi all,

We successfully got water back on Tuesday night, so we were able to go out to and enjoy ourselves without stressing.

The parents and I went to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company at the Hertford Theatre. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s a theatre production that started in 1981. It aims to condense all of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets into one performance….with some artistic license thrown in haha XD

I have included a video of the 2002 show from youtube to get you started. Warning: Do not drink whilst watching this show unless you want it to come out of your nose.

The cast for our night consisted of Gary Fannin, Simon Cole & William Meredith. The night was completely hysterical, and what the show didn’t have in production values (meh, fancy scenery and props aren’t everything to me) they MORE than made up for in comic timing, playing to the audience and ad libbing skills. Our sides hurt on the way home, we were laughing so hard and we’re still quoting it.

If you ever get the chance to see this show, go go go go go go go go!!!! I cannot stress it enough and we’re already looking out for their show next year; The Bible: The Complete Word Of God (Abridged)

If you want their tour dates, go to http://www.reducedshakespeare.com or find them on twitter: @reduced.

Please note I am simply writing this as my own honest view and experience of the show. I am in no way affiliated with the show or the people involved, Just thought I should throw in that disclaimer lol!

If you go see it, let me know what you think! 😀

Cheers for now,



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