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Pop Art Cupcakes

I have a real love of Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art. It combines 50s iconography and comic strips. How could I not love it? 🙂

I have included an example below. It’s one of his most famous works, Drowning Girl.


So when my friend said she wanted to try out a make up look in the style of this pop art work, I jumped at the chance. I honestly didn’t care if I was going be wearing said make up or just seeing how it was done. I was too excited at the prospect of either.

My mind went into overdrive, as always, and I kept thinking of different crafts I could do in this style. I was so hyped up on doing something “Pop-Art”y.

I always make cakes when I go see my friend. She loves them and I love making them so it works out nicely lol 🙂 I decided to create basic pop art style cupcake toppers to go on a swirl of buttercream. Simple enough but still looking fancy….I hope lol!


These are the base discs of red fondant. I cut these out and left them to dry overnight.


These are the white circles that go on top of the red. Again, cut from fondant and left to dry overnight.
Before they were able to be left alone, I had to do the Ben-Day Dots on them. It wouldn’t be Lichtenstein without them 🙂

As I have said in a previous post, I have not got the most stable of hands. So I apologise for the insanely misshapen “lines” in these next pics 🙂 I found it easier for myself to put a single dot in the middle of each circle and then four dots at the compass points around it. Draw the basic guidelines and then work on each quarter in turn.


This is one of the finished circles. As I said, the lines were not the straightest ever. However, they are going to be covered, for the most part, by the explosion and the words. Fingers crossed that it won’t be noticeable then 🙂Image


These are the cut outs for the words. I used letter cutters on black fondant and again, left them to dry. The next morning, I popped the white disks onto the red base by adding water as glue

I then made the cakes. Basic cupcake recipe.
200g butter
200g self raising flour
200g caster sugar
4 eggs.

Although I added blue food colouring just to add some more vibrancy to the look. (although ignore the darker crust on top haha)


Whilst these were cooking (25 mins in the oven, gas mark 6) I made the yellow explosions. I made them later than the main toppers as I wanted them to still be malleable when applying them. Just so I could adjust the spikes if necessary. I found a picture I liked online and then drew it onto card to use as a template. It took a while to cut them out and I had to make sure not to lean too much on the fondant haha 🙂


On to the buttercream. I am the worst for not actually weighing out my buttercream ingredients, so I can’t tell you the quantities I used. I eyeball and taste it as I go. However, the “taste testing” is definitely something I recommend for all food.

Anyway, I buttercreamed up the tops of the cakes.


And then added the toppers.


These went down a treat, although very messy to eat 🙂

Hope you like them,

Cheers for now



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