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Healthy Lunch – Jacket Potato, smoked salmon & homemade egg mayo

Hi All,

Trying to have an interesting lunch at work, that isn’t a sandwich, is notoriously difficult. Trying to have one that is easy and healthy is taxing, and trying to find one that is suitable for winter is hellish. Especially when most work places only have a toaster, a kettle and a microwave (if you’re lucky).

For me, nothing beats a jacket potato on a cold day. I wanted something a bit protein friendly and had some smoked salmon in the fridge and 1 last egg to use. Boom, lunch 🙂

This does require a little bit of prep in the morning, but not much. And whilst the egg is cooking, you can be doing other things.

Serves 1

1 egg
1 medium – large baking potato (approx. 175g)
2 tbsp. (30g) light mayonnaise
30g carrot
60g smoked salmon slices
20g cucumber (optional)
1/2 tsp (2.5g) salt

1) Hard-boil the egg. The best method for doing this can be found over at the lovely Everything Erica’s blog post, here. Honestly, I have used this method at least 10 times and each time, they have come out perfectly 🙂

2) Whilst the egg is cooking, chop the carrots into discs and then into little matchsticks. Pop these to one side. Do the same with the cucumber if adding.

3) When the egg is cooked, plunge it into cold water for a few minutes. Peel and then place into a bowl and mash with a fork. (I did this directly into the Tupperware pot I was taking the egg mayo to work in).

4) Add the mayonnaise to the tub and mix thoroughly.

5) Add the chopped carrot and cucumber and mix again. This is the egg mayonnaise done. If you are taking this to work, leave the egg mayo in the fridge.

6) Wrap the potato in kitchen towel and place on a plate in the microwave. Cook on full power for between 8 – 10 mins, or until a knife goes smoothly into the potato.

7) Slice open and add lightly sprinkle with the salt. Add the mayonnaise and the salmon on top.

This can be served with a salad if you want to increase the veggie content.


So, here come the stats:

I hope you like. Let me know if you have any other healthy lunches that you enjoy 🙂Price: £1.16

Cals: 480
Fat: 23
Iron: 11
Carbs: 42
Protein: 26
Sugar: 3

Cheers for now



2 comments on “Healthy Lunch – Jacket Potato, smoked salmon & homemade egg mayo

  1. ericaeckman

    Thank you for the shout out!!! Made my day 🙂

    • nyssalang

      All credit where credit is due and I honestly don’t cook my hardboiled eggs any other way now 🙂 congrats on your record views btw 🙂 *claps* nice one 🙂

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