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Ultimate Buttercream Recipe.

Hi all,

A while ago, I posted about how I made Pop-Art Cupcakes. I admitted I was terrible at keeping record of how I made my buttercream. I made the mini-cakes today (it did not go well, see tomorrow’s post for proof lol) and in doing so, I decided to keep a log of the recipe for you. I decided to post it today as it was one of the few good parts of today’s cooking experience and I wanted to end the day on a high lol!!

Chocolate Buttercream.

Fills and covers an 8″ cake plus extra in case.

400g butter
672g icing sugar
1 tbsp almond milk (can obviously be replaced with normal milk if allergic)
60g cocoa powder

1) Put the butter into a large bowl. Beat the butter until smooth (either with a electric beater or wooden spoon). This makes it easier to add the sugar, and increases the fluffiness of the icing.

2) Bit by bit, add the icing sugar. Carefully mix the sugar into the butter.

3) Add the almond milk and mix thoroughly.

4) Sift the cocoa powder into the mix and combine.

5) Keep mixing the buttercream until it becomes light and fluffy.

This is the right consistency for filling and covering cakes. If you want it for piping, leave out some of the milk and beat less.


Hope you guys like this 🙂

Cheers for now,



8 comments on “Ultimate Buttercream Recipe.

  1. Bethany

    And now I want cake.

    • nyssalang

      I have cake 🙂 It’s a very nice cake :p (wrote this and realised I was kinda quoting King Julian. Had to stop myself from completing it with “it’s here on my head” because it would make no sense lol!)

      • Bethany

        Ahaha. Excellent.

        Also. Send me cake.

      • nyssalang

        Am scared postie will steal it 😦 lol

      • Bethany

        Damn postie. Stealing my cake. No cake for you postie. No cake for you!

  2. Kelly FlatEleven

    This sounds/looks like a delicious recipe. Yum! I’ll have to try it out soon. X

    • nyssalang

      Let me know how you get on and if you make any changes 🙂 Nys x

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