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A 60th Birthday Cake

Hi all,

This is a very quick post. This week, I’ve been battling a fibro-flare and only really had enough energy for a surprise cake for my boss, and working. She had come up with gorgeous invites for her party which had a black and gold scheme. She had also managed to find a dress with a very similar colour-scheme so I decided to tie the cake in to fit.

The cake itself was chocolate sponge with a lemon curd buttercream filling. It was then covered with white fondant and decorated with chocolate fondant stars which had been given a gold sheen by using a gold lustre dust spray.

I then put some star cutouts on wire and stuck them into the cake and made the 60 numbers. All of these had tylose powder in them to make them solid.

As the cake seemed a little bland to me, at this point I added a chocolate base border and wrapped gold ribbon around it. I also covered the board with chocolate fondant to complete the effect.

It went down very well at work, the birthday gal was very happy and, according to reports, her family devoured it within minutes of it being at home 🙂

This makes me a very happy baker 🙂


Hope you guys like it 🙂 I’m just pleased the Birthday Gal did….and that I got it there in one piece (trust me, carrying this cake on a train and walking to work is an interesting game haha!!)

Cheers for now



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