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Steam Punk Wedding – Mood Board

Hi guys,

Sorry for a delay in posting. I still have a lot of half-way projects so nothing is currently finished. My flat looks like an explosion in a craft shop haha! As you know from my last post, I was experiencing a fibro-flare. The added side-effect is that it lowers my immune system so much that I’m susceptible to all manner of lurgie. So whilst I’m out of the flare, I’m now battling a cold lol!

Anyway, I decided to do a mood board for another wedding (What can I say? I love the pretties and the romance). This time, I thought I’d do a more alternative style. Steampunk is everywhere at the moment that it can seem a bit OTT. However, when done well, it can look truly amazing 🙂

I hope you guys like 🙂

Let’s start with the invites. I love these for the simplicity. They have the details but it’s all on 1 card. The design on the back has the names and the date. And of course, there is the aged colour that ties it in.


As we’re on stationary, let’s look at the name cards. Gorgeous calligraphy and allows you to use any random steampunk gear-work whilst still keeping it together.


These menu cards carry the same feel through to the actual place settings.


Whilst these little toppers may be a tad creepy for some, I honestly love them 🙂 Their complete costumes and walking stick just make these the perfect alternative, steampunk cake topper.


I said the magic word. I said cake. So here it is. I love the colour and the non-uniform shaping of the cakes to create this stunning display. Would hate to cut into it really 🙂


The groom’s outfit is very dapper looking here. Simple black with a few choice accessories thrown in like a proper pocketwatch, top hat and goggles. The detail on the jacket buttons is very effective.


I love this baby’s breath bouquet. The cage work over the top just rounds it off nicely. The perfect mix of simple yet dramatic.


It’s very difficult to find a dress that is really in-keeping with the theme that ties in with the bride’s dress but this has the same shape and the same colour scheme so I quite like how this would look. Feel free to disagree and, by all means, please show me other dresses you like. I love looking at them 🙂

These next photos are from a wedding I am besotted with. The full range of pictures can be found over at ruffledblog.com. This is a real wedding and the details are just incredible. For my moodboard, I’m picking these following pictures for the bride’s attire and hair (although the flowers and the groom are equally gorgeous hehe).



I hope you all enjoyed this.

Let me know if there are any other themes you would like me to try.

Cheers for now



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