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You Can Go, But Be Back Soon!

Hi guys,

Yesterday was a very sad day at the office as we are losing an AWESOME member of staff. She has been a complete ray of sunshine every day and truly a joy to work with, it’s hard to think of the office without her. We threw her a going away party to give her a great send off, although we’re hoping she’ll keep in touch, and even managed to get some surprise guests turn up.I was asked to make her cake, which seemed fitting as this was the lady who ordered the garden scene carrot cake for last week and loved it 🙂

I decided to appeal to her chocoholic side and created a chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache. This was then surrounded by kitkats and topped with piped rosettes of whipped ganache. These rosettes were then topped with maltesers and mini-eggs (sweeties we’ve had in the office and I’ve seen her munch on lol!)


She really liked the cake and it went down a treat. Food was had, drink was drunk and a few tears were shed (even by yours truly). A few threats were also issued though, if she didn’t keep in contact, so fingers crossed she will 🙂 This was a “see you around” and definitely not a “goodbye”.

Hope you guys like this,




2 comments on “You Can Go, But Be Back Soon!

  1. justme3362

    So pretty! And I bet super yummy too!

    • nyssalang

      My colleague seemed to like it which is definitely hopeful 🙂

      I have to say though, I had never made a mud cake before but it’s now the cake I’m choosing for my own birthday cake lol!

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