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Educational Facility? When You Get A Response

Hi guys,

In the last few months, I’ve tried to be pretty chilled out about things to help my fibro, depression and eczema. I’ve had a few slip ups and may have used a few choice words but I have managed to pull it back pretty quickly. However, things in the last few days have raged me more than I thought possible.

I am, by and large, self-taught when it comes to cakes; apart from the basic recipes I was taught by my mother and my grandmother. To try and refine my skills (read as “to make them less lopsided”) I signed up for a cake decorating class at my local college. I paid my money and was all set to go. Crazy excited. Unfortunately my fibro had different plans. I made a doctors appointment, but I had to wait for too long at the surgery and missed my first lesson.

Nothing major there, I thought.  I would just phone up the next day and arrange for the equipment list to be emailed to me. Simple….yep, you’ve guessed it, not that simple.

My lesson was Thursday.  I rung three times Friday, again on Monday and was given a different number to try. Tried both numbers three or four times each. No luck. I left voicemails. Heard nothing by Tuesday so tried again. Given another number but no answer there. I was furious at this point.  I had two days to sort stuff for the next lesson and was working full time as well. Pissed off was putting it midly. By Wednesday, I had decided to cancel and get a refund. Mentioned it to the receptionist and within 3 hours, I had a call back from the head of hospitality. Typical.

So I’ve lost my temper, thrown a few things (stress toys mainly) and sworn. I’m actually heartbroken that I can’t do the course. One thing it has done, is seal my low opinion of the college. I was not impressed previously but gave it a go. If you’re an educational facility,  at least contact your students when they want to learn and have paid good money to attend. Basic customer service tells you that much.

Anyways, that’s the end of my rant. Thanks for sticking with me this far. Normal service will be resumed shortly, I just needed to airthe anger 🙂

Am off to soak the anger away, take care guys

Nys x


2 comments on “Educational Facility? When You Get A Response

  1. justme3362

    As my husband likes to say: *somebody* wasn’t doing their job! I hope the soak was relaxing and you will be back to baking soon. Will try to make cupcakes tomorrow, and if they turn out nearly as nice as yours I’ll share 🙂

    • nyssalang

      In this case there were a couple who dropped the ball lol. The bath was just what I needed and I’ll be back to baking soon. I have a cake order for the 7th June 🙂

      Am sure your cupcakes will be gorgeous and can’t wait to see them 🙂

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