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Random Post – A Foray Into My Wardrobe

Hi guys,

Recently applied for some support via the university for my condition so have been having meeting after meeting after assessment. Having said that, they have been INCREDIBLE with my needs so I thank them completely. Because of these random meetings, however, I’ve been skimping on the baking, crafting and the general blogging.

I am currently working on a moodboard as suggested by the lovely Jill (I promise, it’s coming!! 🙂 ) so in the interim, here’s a Random Post 🙂

I have recently been loving the preppy look and have surprised myself that I actually have all the required elements for it in my wardrobe so I decided to trial it for the workplace. I have not been able to get a decent picture of myself as my phone is playing up at the moment,  so I have included pictures that closely match the items.

I am aware this is a man’s jumper, but it was on sale, fit me perfectly and no-one can really tell, so I don’t care lol 🙂 – I got mine from Peacocks for £7.
Not the actual trousers, but similar. Supersoft Skinny Jeans from Primark – £10


Pearl (obviously not real, wouldn’t wear it out the house for fear of loosing it lol) from Claire’s Accessories – £6

Again, not the jacket but similar. Leather jacket from Asda – £30. Really soft and really comfortable.
Brown Oxfords. Once again, not the ones but similar. New Look – £7.
Brown tote bag. – Mine came from a local stall for £12.

So that was the work outfit 🙂 Went down well and I love wearing it.

Hope you guys enjoyed and speak soon 🙂

Cheers for now,




2 comments on “Random Post – A Foray Into My Wardrobe

  1. justme3362

    We’re moving to a different (and more hip) neighborhood next year, and in preparation I have been trying to create this look as well! Love the bag!

    • nyssalang

      It’s honestly the most comfortable I’ve been at work 🙂 button shirts, jumpers, skinny jeans and oxfords or pumps. Done 🙂

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