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Avengers Assemble!!!…Some Assembly Required

Hi guys,

Hope you’re all doing well 🙂 We’re finally getting some sunshine in these parts, so definitely happier 🙂 Honestly though, I thought March was manic. Apparently I hadn’t prepared for June. 2 cake orders, coursework, work-related conference and gay pride. Not complaining though, loving every last bit of it 😀

So one of the lovely ladies at work asked me to do some cupcakes and a cutting cake for her little boy’s 5th birthday party. When she told me he was a huge fan of the Avengers, I may have jumped up and down and clapped. I’m not ashamed about getting my geek on 😉

So the plan was 30 cupcakes (10 vanilla, 10 chocolate and 10 strawberry) with the Avengers symbols on, as well as a 6 inch cutting cake with Captain America’s shield design.

There were 30 cupcakes and 6 Avengers. That means each Avenger gets 5 cupcakes for them 🙂 However, one of the kids has an allergy and that means that they couldn’t have coloring or normal fondant so I made some marshmallow fondant and had a city skyline topper that was used instead, just to keep in with the theme.

I had to create an assembly line for each of the toppers, especially when I was using a template for the Iron man face and Hulk fist. I printed images from the internet and then cut each part out at a time. In the case of the Hulk fist, I started with the wrist and base. Then then 4 fingers and then the thumb.


So here’s one of the boxes of the cupcakes. So in here, we have Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Iron man, Black Widow and Hawkeye and then repeated again 🙂
Here’s the 6 inch cake. Captain America shield on top with the 5. I then cut the letters of the little chap’s name out in red, white and blue and put them around the front of the cake. The rest of the cake had blue vertical stripes with white stars on the top.

Here’s the entire “gang” together. I’m so pleased how these guys came out 🙂 and pleased they went down well.

Looking forward to my next geeky order at the end of the month 🙂 and have another couple of ideas for general practice purposes 🙂

Hope you guys like,

Cheers for now,



One comment on “Avengers Assemble!!!…Some Assembly Required

  1. justme3362

    Amazing! My family would’ve been so excited to get these! Glad to hear you are busy and creating!

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