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It’s All Go, Go, Go :D

Hi guys,

Hope everyone is coping with the darker nights ok. We’re now into the territory of feeling like moles in our office. We go into work when it’s dark and we come out of work when it’s dark. No daylight for us any more except when we look out the window during lunchtimes.

I prefer winter over summer as I prefer being able to layer up when cold rather than being too hot and not being able to do anything about it. That being said, I do miss being able to go for late evening walks in the surprising sunshine with G.

However, I do now have something to keep me occupied during the dark evenings. A couple of weeks ago, G completely surprised me by proposing. I have, of course, said “yes” (although it took me a few minutes to get it out properly through shock and tears haha), and we have agreed on June 2017. Yes it sounds like it’s forever away but with my degree, both our jobs and my cake business, it really is the most realistic date available haha 🙂

G is more than aware of my previous event planning course and my love of creating event moodboards for no other reason than “because I can”. He has even had an insight into just how much I love spreadsheets during the course of our work, but I don’t think anything prepared him for just HOW organised I can be. I admit, I have had a slight head start compared to other Brides-To-Be, in that I already had a spreadsheet of local venues (including price, capacity and corkage fees) from one of my previous jobs. However, the rest is purely down to me. We have been engaged now just shy of a month and I have already sorted the bridesmaids and their outfits, invites, favours, cakes, bouquets, confetti, my dress, boutonnieres, name cards, food, guest list, table plan, table names, reception decorations and even worked out 3 – 4 potential venues for us to visit.

Luckily, rather than being terrified and backing out the door as quick as his legs will carry him, G is very pleased I’m this organised. In his own words, it means he just has to turn up, say the right name and dance the night away with me :).

Honestly though , he’s been pretty damn amazing and has got very stuck in and very involved with the choices. He wants to see everything I’m planning. He’s happy to go to wedding fayres to look at ideas. He has even found his outfit that matches perfectly with our themes, all without me having to beg him to look.

As G is Scottish, we are staying true to his heritage with traditional kilts for the groom and groomsmen in G’s family clan tartan. His favourite designer and architect is Charles Rennie Mackintosh, so we are including his famous piece “Glasgow Rose” as the main motif throughout the day.

glasgow rose

This is included in the invites (all handmade) and the favours (also handmade).

First mock up of our invites.

First mock up of our favour cookies made in Glasgow Rose style.

As you can imagine, DIY is the word of the day with this wedding. I am personally making all the invites, favours, cakes, confetti, table number cards. centrepieces, reception decorations and anything else I can think of 🙂

We’ve a mish-mash of lots of different images, styles and themes. Scotland, Architecture, Literary, 50s, Nerdy 🙂 the whole lot that makes us, “us”, crammed into one massive celebration.  And with the added challenge of trying to do it all on a tight budget 🙂

The style of my dress.
A paper rose bouquet with a sonic screwdriver? I’ll take that, every day of the week 🙂

bridesmaids belt bridesmaids dress
Simple black 50s style dress (a la Audrey Hepburn) with a tartan belt for my bridesmaids.

ceremony order


paper roses  props  table confetti

Homemade table confetti from books and comics.
table setting
tardis shoes
And how could I get married without my “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.
I don’t think I can really wait 3 years 😉


2 comments on “It’s All Go, Go, Go :D

  1. justme3362

    Nyssa! Congratulations!!!!!!! This is all so exciting, and oh so deserved! I love your impeccable taste and the fact it’s all planned! Can’t wait to see as it progresses 🙂 love and hugs to you both!!

    • nyssalang

      Thanks huni 🙂 still processing it half the time haha 🙂 planning it still doesn’t make it real, just makes it feel like a massive craft project lol. So excited though 😀

      Love and hugs to you, hubby and the girls 🙂

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